About Us

About Us

James Baker, the Snackz App founder, started delivering FREE snacks and drinks to Philly residents as a special holiday gift. He did this from August – December 2019. Shortly after, it became a nightly giveaway. Philadelphians were loving how convenient it was to have their favorite snacks delivered to their front door without having to lift a finger! Snackz App became the convenience store delivery we know today when people began to request a menu to order from, rather than wait to be “chosen” in the giveaway to get their snacks for free.

We decided to test our product in Northeast Philadelphia before launching in Tampa, FL. After receiving positive feedback from our friends in Philly, we decided to push forward and transfer Snackz App out of our home state. In October of 2022, we decided on Tampa, FL to become our first service area.

Why Snackz App?

We’re here to make your daily life a little easier. You’ll find thousands of your beloved name- brand snacks and a few hidden gems you’ve probably never tasted before. Whether you forgot to buy popcorn for movie night, didn’t bring the soda to game day, or don’t have the time to run to the store – we’ll deliver your items to your front door. We’ll also swiftly deliver any household items like toothpaste, toilet paper, or anything else you may have forgotten on your last trip to the grocery store. All you have to do is let us know which items you need, and our trusted drivers will be on their way. Happy snacking!



Snackz App is a very useful snacks delivery app at night . They have the best prices on munchies than any other snack delivery services in Des Moines, IA.
The fact they accept cash is Amazing!! Great selection of classic snacks and drinks. Their delivery time for the food was under 60 minutes . I'm happy I've found an an app that delivers snacks, drinks , essentials and snack food in West Des Moines , Iowa at late night .
I really like how the driver was patient during the delivery process and he came fast with my snacks .