FAQ for Vendors

Q1: What’s the requirement to become a vendor on Snackz App:

QA1: Selling foods online is easy with Snackz App. To become a vendor, please ensure you have the following.
Basic Customer Service Knowledge
Shop Name
Shop Logo (optional)
Cover Photo (628×300 ) (optional)
Support Email
Support Phone Number
One social media account (optional))
Store Mailing Address
Business Hours
Business Description

Q2. How long does it take to get verified as a vendor on Snackz App?

QA2: You’re just seven business days away from starting your online food business. Sign up today!

Q3. Can Snackz App help me start a food business?

QA3: Yes, learn how to start a food business online with us. We can help unlock your business dreams with your a free online storefront. We’ll guide you on setting up a Single Member LLC in your state, designing your logo, and putting you in contact with top food suppliers .

Contact us to start selling food online TODAY!

Q5. Do I need a website to sell on Snackz App?

QA4: No, With Snackz App, you can sell foods online without a website. We’ll provide you with your customized shop link that can be used as your online website link.

Q5: How would I accept payments for my products on Snackz App as a vendor?

QA5: We have made it easy to sell food online without hassle. As a vendor, you can accept credit or debit card payments online and offer cash payment (if you offer local pick-up ) for your products. In addition, you can view all your store transactions from your vendor dashboard. Send an invoice and more with your Snackz App online shop link.

Q6: As a vendor on Snackz App, what are my options for delivering food to customers?

QA6: You can offer delivery and local pick-up.

Q7. When do I get paid after delivering the food to the customer?

QA7: As a vendor , if you see up your payout account, payments will automatically be made to your account when you have at least $100 available or after delivering the food to the customer.

Q8: How can Snackz App help you as a vendor?

QA8: Snackz App helps you turn your friends into customers. With us, you can start selling food online without building a website. List your products, share your custom Snackz App Store link. We want to help as many homebred chefs as we can to start a food business online. On Snackz App, there’s no monthly or setup fee. We take care of advertising, development, and marketing to help you drive regular sales without out-of-pocket expenses.

Q9: What’s the fee for selling on Snackz App?

QA9: Snackz App does not charge a setup or monthly fee. You only pay commission when you sell an item. To keep our marketplace running, we take a 10% commission from each item you sell. Fees are subject to change.

Q10: What type of products can I sell on Snackz App?

QA10: You can sell any kind of cooked food on Snackz App.

Q11. Can I Sell food on Peep My Drip uploading inventory ?

QA11: Once you sign up, click on “sell this item ” under any product you wish to sell from our site. From there, the product will appear under your account showing you as the vendor. However , make sure you have items in stock before doing so.