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Snackz App is a delivery service app near you that delivers snacks, candy, ice cream, food, drinks and more to your door, anywhere in Northeast Philadelphia.

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Delivered To You

Download Snackz App, order from over 1,000+ cheap snacks to food for delivery near me. Get Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked ice creams, energy drinks, daily essentials, and desserts treats night or day - Delivered quick.


In-App Features

With Snackz App, you have Quick access to a variety Of last-Minute essentials, your favorite movie chips or soda in bulks and it’s all delivered - Fast.

Snacks Delivery

Our online snacks app is stocked up all day and opened late nights to bring you whatever munchies you’re craving in as little as 30 mins for just $2.65 delivery fee.


Enjoy 10% off every In-app purchase. Items are priced at the lowest prices compared to any other convenience store delivery service app in Philadelphia.

Candy Delivery

The perfect app to Cure your sweet-tooth. Order candy like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish to Nerds Rope & we’ll deliver it to you - within 15-30 mins. Its the best online candy delivery app near you.

Earning Opportunity

As a delivery driver Partner, you'll make reliable side money & you have the flexibility to work anytime. Contact us to sign up as a driver. Start earning now.

About Us

Our founder James Baker started delivering FREE snacks & drinks to residents in Philadelphia as a Holiday gift, from November - December, 2019. It then became an every night giveaway. Many People loved how convenient it was that they began to request a menu to order rather than “wait to be picked “ to get it free . We switched it up & incorporated in Fargo, North Dakota then launched the app in Northeast Philadelphia for a test in January 2020. Took the app out of the AppStore in February to go back to Fargo & many were sad. In March 2020 we decided on Northeast Philadelphia, our first operating location.


Have a question? Check out answers to our frequently asked questions.

Q1A: Your order continues to say pending because we’re busy & haven’t yet packed it.

Q2A: $7.25 fee is triggered when an order gets canceled for any reason that’s due to your fault while it was in route to you.The $7.25 is to compensate the driver and to restock those items.

Q3A: If you’re missing items from your order, simply send us an email using the contact form below. Make sure to include the order ID number and name each item you did not receive, for faster resolution.

Q4A: Yes, we accept cash, credit and debit.

Q5A: No, snackz app android app isn’t yet published. It’s COMING SOON.

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Skip the store, order on our app .Get 10% off every order when you download the app.

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Snackz App can be contacted by email only, starting July 20, 2020. To report Issues with current, or past orders, please use the form below. For general inquiries, or questions, use the email above. We’ll respond back to the email you provided within 24 hours.

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