Snackz App Refund Policy

Please read our refund policy before checking out . Thanks for Using the "Snackz App" WWW.SnackzApp.Com .

If you are not satisfied with your in app purchase, we'll make it up.


To be eligible for a refund, your refund claim REASON must meet one of the following :

You informed us of the issue within 7 calendar days from the date you accepted it.

Item Expired : Must past the date . Ex: chips expired on June 11 and we delivered on June 12 .

Delivery delayed : You waited more than 1 hour

Item Damaged : Crushed chips etc... ( You're willing to show Photo proof )

Items Not Received: Ex; We never showed up nor called you but system still charged you

Item not fresh : Reported issue same day

App wasn't working : you were charged a delivery fee but it was because the app wasn't working properly (Ex; App wouldn't open , or driver phone died)

Driver Was Rude : You refused a delivery because your driver wasn't polite on your premises

Total amount miscalculated : You claim you accidently tipped your driver while checking out

Out of stock item - partial refund : Ex: you ordered 3 items , one was out of stock , and we delivered 2 items but still charged you for 3 ( partial refund for the 1 item wasn't received )

Billed But Didn't receive item: ( Delivery fee charged : But wasn't your fault)

Item not as described : Ex; you paid for 2.0 oz but received 0.75 oz * If you placed an order but failed to answer the phone, or meet the driver outside , we'll charge you a delivery fee .Although you didn't receive the order, the driver has to be compensated for their time , which we can't refund. ( *If we weren't at fault )

Someone else use your card : Someone fraudulently use your card on a different account

Drink wasn't cold : You didn't opened it

Duplicate Charge : System accidently charged you twice

Unfair Cancellation fee. You cancelled while order was still in warehouse but system still charged you.

* You'll be charge a Non-refundable delivery fee if you cancel an order while driver was in route to you.

Refunds Process

Once we receive your refund claim, we will look into it and immediately notify you on the status of your claim after verifying the claim.

If your claim is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment).You will receive the credit within 8 business days, depending on your card issuer's policies.If you receive a refund, we'll not include any discounts given by us. Note : If a dispute is initiated through your bank before contacting us we'll immediate disable your Snackz App Account. (*Assuming you didn't file a refund claim with us first ).

Contact Us

Reach out to our Support Team If you have any questions on how to initial a refund claim.We can be reach at Support@Snackzapp.Com, or call us from the app . Thanks !