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Snacks Delivery Subscription – Snackz Club

Snackz App is working to help its customers save every penny on delivery by offering a snacks delivery subscription. We’re reducing the amount of trips Philadelphians take to a nearby convenience store and making snacks delivery affordable than the other local snack delivery services in Philadelphia PA. 

Our Snack Delivery Subscription: Snackz Club – is one step towards that change.

Snackz Club is our new snack delivery subscription that offers a free snacks delivery with extra savings to encourage philadelphians to save on all their favorites we have to offer. 

Snackz Club is for customers who plan on ordering snacks 4-5 times per month (or week!) and who are looking to save on delivery fees , time and money.

What is Snackz Club ?

It’s a Smart Way to Save On Snacks

For $6.99 per month, Snackz Club members can earn 25% back in rewards for purchases on Snackz App , 10% off on PeepMyDrip.Com , 30-days free trial on FargoApp.Com , random email offers, option to pay with cash and much more. 

Join Now 

Glance At The Perks Of Our Snacks Delivery Subscription :

  • Earn 25% cash back every order . Save on every food order you place — whenever, anytime. 
  • Random email offers. Get occasional discounts and perks savings via email.
  • Order snacks with cash . Enable pay with cash on your account when you join .
  • 10% Off On Peep My Drip (PeepMyDrip.Com) . Peep My Drip is an online fashion marketplace for men or women’s clothes to start a clothing business online .
  • 30-days free trial On Fargo App (FargoApp.Com) . Fargo App is the leading cash-only rideshare app .

The monthly snacks delivery subscription fee will auto-renew every month. You can cancel anytime. Customers can pause without any fee before their next billing charge. PA State taxes may apply if applicable. Snackz Club is currently only available in Philadelphia PA. Get more details and answers about our free snacks delivery subscription in Philadelphia on our FAQ page.

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